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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

4 unique ways to build relationships with account-based marketing

By Madison Logic Team

Over at iMedia, Mark Yeager of Yeager Marketing talks about how Account Based Marketing can transcend technology. He outlines 4 ways that you can get started today. Take a look below for the highlights or click through to read the article.
Think of each client as made up of individuals rather than as a single unit
“In today’s business communication, you’re far more likely to see ‘we’ than you are to see ‘I,’ both in terms of success and failure. ‘We were able to achieve great numbers this quarter,’ you might hear someone say… But in reality, a company doesn’t speak for itself. It’s made up of individuals, and they don’t always speak in unison. Keep that in mind as you cultivate relationships. Yes, you are contracted to work with the business as a whole. But the relationships you are building are with individuals. That one-on-one, face-to-face relationship can so often be lost in a time when there’s never an email with fewer than five recipients copied on the message.”
Create allies across the company
“No matter how much success you’ve achieved with a given department, it’s not always in your control whether the rest of the organization hears about your achievements. The company might not place an emphasis on internal communication, or your direct client contact might not see a place to advocate for his or her team’s success. That’s why it’s really up to you to create a foothold in a company that’s strong enough to weather the inevitable turnover that happens at every company.”
Help your client advocate for their success…
“Giving your client contact an outlet to share his or her success is such an important aspect of being a strong partner. Your client may feel like talking about a project within their own company is more intimidating than talking about it to strangers. Especially if you can frame the conversation as, ‘hey, let’s tell your colleagues what we did and what they can learn from it,’ rather than, ‘hey, let’s brag about our success.’ There’s such a value from both sides.”
…And help them to shout that success from the rooftop
“In addition to helping your client contact become an advocate within his or her company, talking about your success outside of the office can help build deeper relationships. Start by making the case to your client contact why he or she should be willing to share your joint story with the world. Some companies can be reluctant to talk about what they’re doing because they think that’s divulging the ‘secret sauce’ to competitors. Rather than being secretive about what works, I see it as more of a pay-it-forward attitude. By sharing the creative approach you generated along with the results that came out of it, you’re merely giving other companies a glimpse into one aspect of one campaign. There is no net amount of creativity — it can be shared with only benefit for all involved.”
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Madison Logic Team

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