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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Digital Realty Trust Generates High Quality Leads & Increases Conversion Rates With Madison Logic.

Digital Realty Trust is the largest purchaser, owner, developer and operator of data center space in the world. Since 2004, they have purchased over $2 billion in data center assets and designed and built facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific catering to the specific data-related needs of their customers.

Over 10% of Fortune’s Global 200 companies rely on Digital Realty Trust to provide solutions for their data center requirements. Their customers include leading media, financial services, communications and technology-based businesses.

Challenge: Reach a target audience, acquire new sales leads and drive positive ROI

To ensure that their sales team is focused on speaking to the right customers, Digital Realty Trust required a strategy for maintaining consistent, high quality and relevant pipeline sales opportunities. Their business includes a multitude of products and offerings and it is important that an advertising partner can manage several concurrent campaigns and propose a variety of tailored solutions. By distributing syndicated white papers on a broader scale within the data-center community, they hoped to achieve the ultimate goal of generating quality leads that will translate into successful sales.

Over time, Digital Realty Trust has developed an efficient lead scoring process, tracking both front-end goals and back-end profitability. They continuously re-examine their performance metrics, requiring prompt action and flexibility

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from partners.

What constitutes a good lead for Digital Realty Trust?
Digital Realty Trust employs a five-tier rating system coinciding with

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the various stages of their sales cycle in order to accurately evaluate and categorize potential customers. Madison Logic created a targeted program by which Digital Realty Trust’s white papers would be delivered to data center professionals that hold influential positions within their companies, and possess the authority to make large-scale purchasing

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decisions. Dennis Publishing’s CloudPro, Data Center Journal and were amongst the sites that delivered the most qualified data center professionals. When an interested user clicks through the ad to download their whitepaper, they are required to submit contact information which would then be screened, validated and delivered to Digital Realty Trust.

The campaign also included three qualifying questions to enable Digital Realty Trust to accurately score each lead:

  • Level of Position within the Organization: in order to measure the user’s purchasing capacity.
  • Data Center Size Needed: larger companies require higher storage volume, translating into a larger sale.
  • Decision Timeframe: in order to provide the advertiser an idea of the length of the customer’s “buy cycle,” which will strengthen buyer-seller cohesiveness and set the stage for a successful sale.


The Madison Logic Effect
Madison Logic was able to generate more qualified leads across a targeted network of technology sites than all of Digital Realty Trust’s advertising campaigns (including Display, Pay Per Click, Live Events and Webinars) combined in 2010.

Digital Realty Trust had access to over 60 million users per month while Madison Logic’s LeadFocusTM ad server ensured that their ads were only del
ivered to data center professionals. From the 1,700+ leads generated for Digital Realty Trust, over 30% of the leads had a qualifying score of 3-5. Based on their scoring system, these were the IT executives and senior level managers who were close to making a purchasing decision on their data center facility.

Madison Logic has partnerships with 300+ premium publishers in many B2B verticals. These sites have loyal, professional business users that are always searching for ways to enhance cost savings, reduce resources and evaluate new products. Madison Logic was able to provide Digital Realty Trust with the highest quality leads via their LeadFocusTM ad serving platform on data center specific content comprising an audience make-up of business, IT and facilities executives who make technology and location decisions for America’s leading companies. These users turn to Madison Logic’s Data Center-related content to help them design, build and maintain world class data centers.

Through a password protected account center, Digital Realty Trust had access to vital information about their leads, including lead origination sources and the specific assets that were downloaded at the time the user registered. Aligning this information with the qualifying answers, Digital Realty Trust’s sales team was able to have a more educated conversation with their prospects, getting them one step closer to closing a sale.

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