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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Brand To Demand: How Intent Data Is Breaking Down The Silos

By Madison Logic Team



Columnist Thomas Koletas discusses how B2B marketers can effectively use intent data to bolster their entire marketing and sales strategies:

There is a popular commercial for the candy bar Twix that shows two adversarial Twix factories that take different approaches to making the same product. The copy implores the viewer to “pick a side,” which of course is ludicrous because each side of a Twix bar is the same product.

It’s a manufactured controversy that, for B2B marketers, evokes inefficiency — and perhaps shades of what they experience between the brand and demand teams within their own marketing departments.

Unfortunately, too many B2B marketers have created a similar schism with the way that they structure their brand strategy and their demand generation strategy.

As media continues to consolidate and marketers begin focusing on customers themselves instead of merely their job titles, the separation between the two objectives no longer makes sense.

B2B marketers are looking for more cohesive strategies, and with some subtle but important changes, any B2B marketer can achieve efficient and effective marketing through a brand-to-demand approach. The recipe is simple, and the key component is intent data.

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Madison Logic Team

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