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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Conducting Research During the B2B Purchasing Process Just Got Easier.

By Nick Price

This week, Madison Logic added the “Sign in with LinkedIn” button to all its landing pages, which allows business professionals to use their existing LinkedIn details to access relevant white papers, software

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downloads, free trials, webinars, podcasts and other assets that aid in their buying process.When clicking on the “Sign in with Linkedin” button, a user will give permission to Madison Logic and its partner sites to access their LinkedIn profile in order to receive the asset. For users that are tired of filling out registration forms, this eliminates the continuous process of having to type in the same business contact information.

LinkedIn has skyrocketed as the login of choice for business-to-business (B2B) sites over Facebook. According to Rachel Peterson, a spokesperson for LinkedIn, the usage of LinkedIn as a third party login option has increased from 3% to 20% in just over six months since launching their Profile API. Professionals may want to apply different profile data to business oriented sites and share that content with a different group of people than their Facebook friends. So what do these users look like that are using their LinkedIn login to access business targeted content?

The process behind the LinkedIn authentication is quite similar to those who are familiar with Facebook Connect. By adding the Log in with LinkedIn functionlity, we aim to:

– Increase user registration during the lead generation process

– Create trusted user authentication

– Speed up the Registration or Login process when business users access relevant resources that will enable more informed purchasing decisions

– Provide existing identity details to marketers – extremely import for lead generation.

The user will always have total control of the permissions granted and can revoke this permission through their LinkedIn account.

Marketers charged with generating leads for their organization see this as an opportunity to receive even more high quality leads from Madison Logic with ultimate confidence that the lead information is current. The hardest thing in lead gen is finding users that are in-market with the correct contact information. LinkedIn users already represent themselves with their real names and real identities.

“Our goal with “Sign in with LinkedIn” is to expedite the business professional’s access to relevant resources on premium web sites leading to more informed purchasing choices,” said Elke Wong, COO of Madison Logic. “For marketers, where lead quality trumps quantity, this is a game changer for lead generation.”

How does it work? A user wishes to access a technology white paper on one of Madison Logic’s Technology Partner sites, Data Center Knowledge. If the user has already registered, they can proceed to the login panel,

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or else proceed to the registration form and click on the “Log in with LinkedIn” button.

Once the user clicks on the “Log in with LinkedIn” button, a secure LinkedIn authorization form opens in a new window. If the user is logged into LinkedIn already it will ask the user to grant access to the specific application. Otherwise, it will ask the user to login to their LinkedIn account.

After the user grants access to the application, the LinkedIn window will close and grant access for Madison Logic to connect to LinkedIn and access the following details – First Name, Last Name, Position Title, Company, Location. These details will be used to auto populate the white paper registration form.

After the user has granted access for Madison Logic or its partner sites to access their LinkedIn profile, the white paper will be available for download.

Nick Price

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