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CTO Mark Herschberg on the Value of a Math Degree for Tomorrow’s Job Market

By Nick Price

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Math Majors Hold the Key to Tomorrow’s Most Valuable Jobs

Mark Herschberg is CTO at Madison Logic, provider of data powered lead solutions, overseeing software development, QA, the IT system, and the data science team. He earned a BS in Physics and BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, as well as an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with heavy class time doing mathematical proofs. In his masters work, Herschberg created the world’s first fully secure software based voting system, designed to provide anonymous voting while preventing ballot box stuffing. Today, he uses his analytical reasoning skills in data and beyond, and enjoys being able to work with in an environment surrounded by other smart people.
“The world will continue to change as will which jobs are in demand, but having a math degree will give you skills for multiple careers that will absolutely be in demand for decades to come,” explains Herschberg. Nearly every industry has a quantitative problem that needs solving, and grads who can demonstrate the ability to find solutions will find that ability to be a powerful selling point. Herschberg encourages math majors to consider regression modeling and basic programming, as they offer employability in a number of fields.
“Today’s Don Draper doesn’t win business with charm and clever slogans from a team of writers,” says Herschberg. “He does so by showing statistically meaningful improved results from trial and error marketing campaigns created by his team of quants.”

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Nick Price

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