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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Key Takeaways From The 2011 HR Technology® Conference & Expo For B2B Marketers

By Nick Price

After reflecting on my time at the recent HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas (besides deciding I will never travel to Vegas again without copious amounts of water or lip balm), I noticed there were a few reoccurring themes at every single booth:

  • despite the lower foot traffic than previous years, only a smaller percentage were just “kicking tires”
  • advertisers are tired of spending their precious budgets on marketing tactics when there are many outside variables that control the success of a program.

These trends lead to a couple key insights for, not only HR Advertisers, but every facet of B2B Marketing.

#1: Reduced Event Budgets Reveal a Higher Number of Serious Potential Customers

At a conference showcasing Technologies that help businesses run more efficiently, the lower volume but higher quality traffic indicates that the market is extremely opportunistic for anything that helps businesses save money. Additionally, the low hanging fruit, buyers who are actually in-market, are actively researching your solutions… marketers just need to know

where to look.

#2: Less Branding. More Demand Generation.

Yes it is important that your customers know your brand and hold you in a positive light… they aren’t going to give you their business if they don’t. However, there are many steps between someone having a positive perception of your brand and turning that person into a qualified sales lead, which is the ultimate goal of every marketing tactic. I’m not saying that all branding tactics are exercises in futility; I’m simply suggesting that when marketing budgets are constrained, B2B Marketers are now more likely to allocate their precious marketing dollars to tactics where less outside variables control their success.

Nick Price

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