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Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

Employee Spotlight: Fallon Harrigan, Senior Accountant

Madison Logic Team
December 2, 2019 3 MIN Blog

Fallon Harrigan is a Senior Accountant here at Madison Logic. Fallon has been an asset to Madison Logic team for the past 10 months, and she has great insight into what it is like to work on the Finance team.

What drew you to Madison Logic? When did you know that ML was the right job for you?

I was drawn to Madison Logic due to my strong interest to transition into the Martech space and ML, being a leader in the industry, was a perfect fit. Their global presence while being a small to mid-size firm was one of the primary reasons why I was interested in the opportunity.

The moment I knew that ML was the right company for me was during my first in-person interview and I had a chance to meet all of my future colleagues. Based on those interactions, I could clearly see how genuinely motivated and enthusiastic they were towards ML and the firm’s vision.

What was your first role at Madison Logic? How did that turn into the role you have today? What’s the reason you stay at ML?

My current role, which is also my first at Madison Logic, is Senior Accountant within the Finance department. Personally, I believe a company’s culture is a really important driver of one’s overall happiness at the workplace. At Madison Logic, there is an aura of positivity among the teams which is why it’s so easy to work collaboratively across our different functions.

Describe what it’s like to work at Madison Logic. What do you most enjoy about working for the company and why?

I look forward to going to work everyday at Madison Logic for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I enjoy working with the people here as it’s a fun and positive workplace. The various team building activities have really helped us develop strong bonds with one another and ultimately, supports our collaborative culture here at Madison Logic.

Further, given the collaborative work environment, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge sharing between teams so everyday presents a new learning opportunity. This constant learning gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge base and not become siloed within your own team or department.

What sets Madison Logic apart? What characteristics does someone need to be successful with this company?

One characteristic which really sets Madison Logic apart from others is its investment in its workforce and continuing to hire talented individuals who share the firm’s vision. These individuals need to be able to take initiative and continue to innovate in order to support Madison Logic’s future growth. They need to take responsibility and always be forward looking given our rapidly changing industry. Not only do companies need to be agile, the workforce that supports them does as well.

When did you join Madison Logic? How did you and your team get to know each other? What is your favorite part about your team and why?

I joined Madison Logic as a Senior Accountant on 1/7/2019. My favorite part about our team is that we have strong synergy which has been further enhanced through various team building activities. Given the collaborative work environment, its been exceptionally rewarding working together to identify areas where we can improve our current processes.

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