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Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

Employee Spotlight: Jackie Wang, Full Stack Engineer

Madison Logic Team
October 31, 2019 3 MIN Blog

Jackie Wang is a full stack engineer at Madison Logic, based in our NYC office. She’s been taking Madison Logic to the next level with her development skills for 5 months, and she’s become a very important asset to the ML team!

What drew you to Madison Logic? When did you know that ML was the right job for you?

When I was interviewing with the engineering team at Madison Logic (ML), I observed several times how my interviewers discussed and debated different opinions with each other (yes, even in front of me, a stranger/interviewee). They exchanged their ideas openly and politely. They expressed their concerns or the parts they didn’t understand honestly, and no one was being judged. They advocated for their ideas firmly but also admitted the parts that could be improved. These teamwork characteristics are the vital reasons that attracted me to join Madison Logic. It is exactly the place that I am looking for to keep growing and learning.

What was your first role at Madison Logic? How did that turn into the role you have today? What’s the reason you stay at ML?

My first and current role at ML is a Full Stack Software Developer. As a part of the integrations team, I am now helping build an internal API platform to integrate with various third-party data platforms. The task is quite challenging but also very interesting. I love it!

Describe what it’s like to work at Madison Logic. What do you most enjoy about working for the company and why?

I am quite impressed by how hard Madison Logic works on improving transparency and listening to employee’s voices.

What sets Madison Logic apart? What characteristics does someone need to be successful with this company?

A learning-driven mindset. Madison Logic is a well-established company but it is also tech-based. I can tell ML is putting more and more efforts on building up its work culture and improving the employee’s work satisfaction. For example, supporting global mobility, internal transferability, cross-department training, etc.  A person with a learning-driven mindset will be able to make more contributions here.

When did you join Madison Logic? How did you and your team get to know each other? What is your favorite part about your team and why?

Aha, finally my favorite question! I joined ML about four months ago. I like the relaxed team environment. We have cool music on while coding. We’re a small team and we sit together around each other, so it’s very convenient and efficient to ask questions. When we aren’t coding, we are like a small family — having lunch together and sharing each other’s life stories from different cultures and countries. I look forward to having more fun with more team activities.

Lastly but the most importantly is how lucky I am with my team lead Namik Shehu. He always demands the best in code quality and never minds going the extra mile to have a problem fixed in a better way. He is a fun mentor and a great role model. Working with these amazing people in the team, I learn a lot and grow fast every day. I appreciate this opportunity and sincerely thank them for making me look forward to coming to the office every morning.

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