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Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

Employee Spotlight: Sarah Pottieger, Human Resources Manager

Madison Logic Team
June 10, 2020 5 MIN Blog

Sarah Pottieger is the Human Resources Manager at Madison Logic. She has been working with the People and Culture team in the New York City office for almost two years.

In this Employee Spotlight, Sarah has offered a glimpse of what it is like to work at Madison Logic and explains how the organization is assisting employees amid COVID-19.

What initially drew you to Madison Logic and how did you know it was right for you?

I knew Madison Logic was the right place for me the instant I met my team during my interview. My path was a bit strange at first, as I was reporting to the CFO prior to us hiring a CPO. As weird as that seemed before the interview, it all melted away when I met the Finance Team. They were so professional, real team players, and they were honest about the issues they hoped to see HR address in the future. My interviews were very no-nonsense, and it is likely the most genuine interviewing experience I have ever had. Nearly two years later, I am still here, so I think my instant gut feeling served me well.

What was your first role at Madison Logic and how did that turn into the role you have today?

My first role at Madison Logic was as an HR Generalist. This eventually turned into HR Generalist/Recruiter/Payroll & Benefits Manager as I picked up work while people were on leave – but I loved it, nonetheless. The experience of wearing all the hats I could find allowed me to grow and land where I am today, as the HR Manager. I stay at ML because of the people and the HR team’s passion for the experience of our employees. This company is filled with supporters and people that push you to find creative solutions.

What do you most enjoy about working for Madison Logic and why?

I enjoy two things equally; not sure I can rate one over the other. The first are the people – I have made so many wonderful connections here, found mentors, and made a ton of invaluable relationships. Everyone is unique here, which I love. No one person reminds me of the other, but it all clicks. Secondly, I appreciate how respected HR is as a partner to this company. In small companies like this, HR is often the last voice heard, and that is not the case at Madison Logic. ML fosters a people-first environment, with HR paving the way.

What characteristics does someone need to be successful with this company?

You must work hard and want to work hard. I do not mean you have to work 13-hour days or over the weekend, I mean that one must work with intention. You need the attitude that with work will come growth. You need to be creative, collaborative, and a champion of your teammates. If you respect others and their work, the respect will come right back to you. If you enjoy and can navigate working in a fast-paced company with a purpose, you will find success.

How did you and your team get to know each other? What is your favorite part about your team and why?

My team made it a point in their own ways to get to know each other. Whether it was asking the group out for coffee, spending an extra 15 minutes talking about our personal lives in a meeting, or chatting and laughing at our desks. My favorite part about my team is that they want to be a team, a unit. Our CPO fosters an environment for us that somehow seems to always put us on the same page, wanting to reach for the same goals, and appreciating what we can learn from each other.

From your perspective, how is Madison Logic assisting and caring for its employees in response to COVID-19?

The People Team & Senior Leaders ensured that the health and safety of ML employees is at the forefront of every decision we make during the pandemic. We’ve been fully remote for months and will remain so for the near future, so no one needs to worry about their safety commuting, childcare, etc. We have increased the frequency of our communication as well, hosting an all-hands every other week. We cover business updates during that time, but we also spend a lot of time responding to employee questions. It’s made a lot of people feel comfortable and heard. It is so important to have visibility from leadership during times like this. And like most companies, ZOOM has become our best friend.

We’ve also thrown together a ton of activities to keep our employees engaged – we have hosted many a virtual happy hour, a wine tasting class, trivia, Pictionary, and this list goes on. Our Office & Culture Manager also coordinates “Weekly Challenges” (best desk set up, matching baby pictures to employees, make your own “MTV Cribs” mini episode). I would have to say my favorite Weekly Challenge so far was the #gettymuseum challenge. I promise I’m not just saying that because I won.

Sarah’s Winning Entry for the ML #GettyMuseum Challenge

Most importantly, addressing mental health during this time is a huge support to employees. In addition to encouraging the team to take time off to get a break from work, we have a Slack channel dedicated to mental health where team members can share articles, ask for advice, etc. Because May is Mental Health Month, we have set up a number of sessions around the topic for employees to participate in as well.

Madison Logic is growing! Check out our careers page for more information on our open positions in Account Management, Customer Success, Product, Sales and Tech!