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Immediate Engagement Unlocks Brand Influence for Madison Logic Customers

By Madison Logic Team

Tools Designed to Track Behavioral Activity of Potential Prospects and Influencers and Also Provide Messaging During the Evaluation and Buying Stages

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – Jan 15, 2013) – Madison Logic has launched tools designed to quickly retarget new leads and decision makers with display ads, moments after they are generated, increasing the influence and visibility of brands during the purchasing process.

“Buyers typically engage in the majority of their online activity during the discovery phase of a purchase decision,” said Erik Matlick, Madison Logic CEO. “The data gathered from our extensive network shows that there is a significant drop off two days after this initial discovery process. Therefore, it is critical to establish engagement with a new lead as soon as possible in order to effectively capture their attention and continue to influence early on in the buying process, before the lead even hits the funnel.”

Madison Logic’s Instant Nurturing product suite will allow clients to retarget leads that have downloaded their promotional content, moments after the point of download, before they enter the sales/marketing funnel. This is accomplished by offering lead retargeting solutions that serve branded display ads to the newly generated leads, immediately showcasing messaging that relates to the content that they had recently downloaded. This has proven to deepen engagement with the lead and will affect how the lead interacts with Madison Logic’s advertiser clients throughout the buying process.

Traditionally new leads that enter the sales funnel are passed into marketing automation systems for nurturing, but can sit there for weeks before they receive the next piece of information related to the product. This engagement typically happens via email and can result in a lead going cold.

“Timeliness and immediacy are invaluable during the discovery phase, and your brand’s interactions during this phase can define your future with a new lead,” continues Matlick.

Instant Nurturing
Nurture new leads immediately with Instant Nurturing programs:

  • Serve display ads to your leads just moments after they are generated and before they hit the funnel;
  • Increase sales-cycle traction, increase recollection, increase conversions.

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Madison Logic Team

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