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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

In-Market Category Leads

By Nick Price

One of the greatest challenges facing marketers today is managing the ever-increasing demand for qualified leads for their sales force at efficient pricing. At the same time, targeting these in-market buyers at the right place and right time is increasingly tough. Enter Madison Logic’s In-Market Category Leads: a self-serve, supplemental lead generation approach that allows:

  • Brand advertisers to get quality volume with the same campaign filters used for direct lead programs
  • Smaller direct marketers to gain more exposure and generate a higher volume of leads without having to manage multiple assets.

Combining our premium direct lead program with In-Market category leads will expose your brand to a wider array of qualified buyers.

Who is a category lead?

Thousands of Business, IT and Marketing professionals register for content or events within the Madison Logic platform on a monthly basis. We capture those who opt-in to receive more information on specific topics, so they have designated themselves “in-market” for your product or service. These buyers come from our network of Grade-A content sites, so they are qualified

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more than search or a list rental/direct mail campaign.

How many can I buy and at what price?

You select the usual filters that you use for leads and our system will tell you how many you can buy. The price depends on the amount of filters you require, but the average price is $9 per lead. Category leads was built to be self-serve, but we can help you set up an order, or manage the entire process if you wish. Simply contact your sales representative and he/she will give you a log-in where you can determine how many leads fit your criteria and how many you want to purchase. The leads are delivered within hours- faster than search, direct marketing or direct lead gen.

Nick Price

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