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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Is Content Really King?

By Nick Price

3456465258_740bc2c770_zLee Oden once said, “Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” This week, content marketing has been all-the-buzz in various B2B publications. Writers and thought leaders are taking the helm of conversations, discussing topics from content marketing mistakes to best practices to the overall importance and impact it has on the digital ecosystem. However, today we focus on two that put content marketing on the spot.
In a recent DestinationCRM article, Mara Minsker summarizes findings from a Forrester report around the negative side effects of poor content marketing. The report found that though more than half of marketers are in the process of developing a content strategy, many struggle with actually creating engaging content.
Minsker points out that, “Marketers also often don’t emphasize the right things in the content they create. For example, while 71 percent say their content features case studies or customer stories, only 3 percent say this is a primary focus of their efforts.”
Ensuring that content is relevant is the key to successful content marketing. We thought that Minsker’s article effectively summarized the Forrester report, raising many questions that need to be addressed when it comes to effective content marketing in the B2B space.
Another noteworthy article posted on Business2Community, beings with the direct and somewhat harsh quote, “83% of marketers are clueless on the value of content marketing, latest research reveals.”
In his article, The Current State of Content Marketing Is Abysmal, Aaron Kahlow uses the above statistic from Forrester to jumpstart a conversation about how to fix the problems of content marketing. Kahlow’s solutions include:

  • “Clear and Unilateral Understanding of Customers’ Buying Behavior”
  • “Mapping it to Marketing Automation”
  • “You Can’t See What You Don’t Measure”
  • “It All Starts and Ends with the Culture of Learning.”

If you would like to receive more insights about content marketing and the like, check out the latest report from Forrester Research – Compare Your B2B Content Marketing Maturity by Laura Ramos, or Take Lead-to-Revenue Management Beyond the Campaign, by Lori Wizdo. You might see a nice shout-out to Madison Logic in that second report 🙂
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