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Madison Logic and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions are Teaming Up to Bring Global Multi-Channel ABM to Joint Clients

Madison Logic Team
March 12, 2020 2 MIN Blog

LinkedIn is home to 30 million companies and 90% of B2B marketers. It has the rich, accurate profile data that marketers need to successfully engage and accelerate their most important accounts. So it’s no surprise that LinkedIn makes an incredible Account Based Marketing (ABM) channel, and more and more B2B marketers are executing ABM campaigns directly on the platform.

But LinkedIn’s tools are built for the channel marketer. This can make it difficult for ABM marketers to execute sophisticated strategies on their platform and validate the value of their LinkedIn spend. Madison Logic is a leader in global Account Based Marketing, so they reached out to ask if we could work together to provide more value for joint clients.

Aligning for Joint Clients’ Success

We reached out to our customers that also run ABM on LinkedIn and asked, “Which metrics do you get from LinkedIn that your sales team loves and benefits from the most?” They didn’t necessarily have the answer because the results of their LinkedIn campaigns were siloed. B2B social marketers are yielding amazing benefits from LinkedIn but they’re aiming at different goals and KPIs than the demand gen/ABM marketer.

Marketers needed a way to measure their ABM marketing efforts across all their channels, including LinkedIn, in one place. We started working with LinkedIn to integrate the ML Platform with LinkedIn’s Marketing Analytics API, so marketers could gain a holistic view of their multi-channel ABM campaign performance and engagement on one unified platform.

One Account List. Three Channels. One Unified Platform.

The ML Platform now empowers marketers to prioritize their best accounts and engage them across content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn. ABM marketers can shorten their sales cycle by personalizing marketing messaging based on these multi-channel engagement signals, and they can share this data with sales to enable them to make smarter decisions and optimize their outreach. With the ability to accurately measure account based engagement throughout the revenue cycle, they can more easily tie their multi-channel marketing efforts to ROI as well.

Together, we are elevating ABM on LinkedIn to advance and extend the value that B2B marketers get from their paid media spend. Madison Logic and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions are aligning for the benefit of our mutual clients, rather than our individual solutions – two parts make a bigger whole to push our customer’s businesses forward.

Madison Logic is incredibly proud to be a part of the curated LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, and we’re so excited to amplify ABM for multi-channel marketers across the globe. Learn more.