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Madison Logic Integrates With LinkedIn, Salesforce Buys CMO Club, More News

Madison Logic Team
March 6, 2020 4 MIN Blog

This article was originally published by CMSWire.

By Dom Nicastro

Madison Logic, an account-based marketing (ABM) platform, has announced an integration with the LinkedIn Marketing Analytics API. This means that marketing and sales customers who use both LinkedIn and Madison Logic can now measure accounts across three marketing channels on one platform. 

The move is designed to allow account-based marketers with the insights to manage their ABM campaigns across multiple channels, including LinkedIn, on one platform. It will allow them to target the best accounts for engagement, measurement and personalization across content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn campaigns. Madison Logic also has similar Salesforce, Marketo and Oracle Eloqua integrations, including Madison Logic’s proprietary ML Data Cloud and Journey Acceleration. Marketers via LinkedIn and Madison Logic can measure account-based engagement with account-level insights and metrics. 

In other customer experience software news …

Salesforce Buys CMO Club

Salesforce has acquired CMO Club, a member-based community of CMOs and marketers that includes more than 30 global chapters and 650 members. Salesforce officials said the core mission of the CMO Club is to foster deep relationships and peer-to-peer problem solving for CMOs and marketing leaders. Officials said they will provide a global community, digital platform and programs and events.

Hootsuite Releases Listening Solution

Hootsuite, a social media management provider, has unveiled a new listening solution, Insights Powered by Brandwatch. The tool integrates directly into the Hootsuite dashboard. It is designed to surface conversations surrounding brands. It then allows users to turn social data into specific actions. These include: ability to react to trending moments in social, improved ad creative and targeted messaging and better brand protection. Users can track specific topics online, track streams of social mentions and collect data from over 100 million sources including social media, blogs and news sites. 

Zendesk Expands CRM Solutions

Zendesk has announced a new Support and Sales Suites, expanding its service-first CRM solutions. The Zendesk Support Suite now features new channels through social messaging services and an improved omnichannel agent experience, company officials promised. Agents and customers can have personalized interactions within the Support Suite. It directs agents to the customer’s preferred communication channel. Users can also surface contextually relevant information from external data sources in Sunshine, Zendesk’s CRM platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Speaking of Zendesk Sunshine, the company also announced new functionality for its CRM platform. The new capabilities allow users to view every interaction with their customers, regardless of the system; tie all of their accounts into one picture of their customer; and harness AWS with a real-time streaming events connector.

Dynamic Yield Releases Data Ingestion

Dynamic Yield, the company acquired by McDonald’s that includes AI-powered personalization capabilities, has announced the release of its Identified Offline Purchase Data Ingestion capability. This, company officials said, allows brands to import lists of purchases done offline (e.g. in physical stores) and match these records with online identities. It’s available in addition to the platform’s Data Loader feature, which already allows customers to onboard CRM data, PII user data, content feeds and more.

Dynamic Yield is continuing to make investments in its Customer Data Platform (CDP) capabilities, looking at investments in onboarding, consolidation and activation to power experiences across the entire marketing stack.

West Monroe Appoints New Directors

West Monroe, a business and technology consultancy, has announced the appointment of eight new directors. They are:

  • Nathan Beu (Chicago), who works with M&A practitioners on technology diligence and integration in transactions. 
  • Jennifer Roths Boerema (Chicago), who works with financial services clients on growth strategy and tech-enabled business performance improvement. 
  • Lee Carswell (Seattle), who works with clients across industries on Salesforce projects.
  • Leann Landry (Dallas), who works with clients across industries on Salesforce projects.
  • Ken Magrow (Chicago), who works alongside utilities on telecommunication solutions and advanced metering infrastructure. 
  • Greg Pondel (Chicago), who works with private equity sponsors on pre-deal technology and operational diligence. 
  • Nathan Ray (Chicago), who leads healthcare M&A.
  • John Vance (New York), who works with clients on tech-enabled solutions.

Sitecore Names CTO

Sitecore, a digital experience management software provider, has named Tom De Ridder as chief technology officer. He will report to Sitecore CEO Mark Frost. De Ridder was previously the co-founder and chief technology officer of Stylelabs, which was acquired by Sitecore. At Sitecore, he will be focusing on Sitecore Content Hub and the forthcoming SaaS version of Sitecore’s digital experience platform, among other technical projects and offerings.

Sitecore also announced executive vice president of product management Desta Price will, in addition to driving the product vision and strategy for the entire Sitecore product portfolio, now lead engineering for Sitecore’s current platform technologies, including Sitecore Experience Platform, Sitecore Experience Commerce and Sitecore AI.