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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Madison Logic Launches Activate ABM

By Kathryn Petrini

Brain NetworkAccount-based marketing (ABM) is setting a new standard in digital advertising, giving marketers the ability to define and reach their target market like never before.  Madison Logic is taking the lead with this new trend, having announced today the launch of Activate ABM, a new account-based marketing suite.  Activate ABM is powered by Madison Logic’s vast database of the most sophisticated intent data in the industry.
So, what is account-based marketing?  And why Activate ABM?
To date, most marketers have strongly considered the fact that most B2B buying decisions are typically made amongst groups of people within a company, not just one decision maker. However, how can you tell when they are in market? ABM allows companies to use defined targeting to identify who specifically within a company they want to target, and also pinpoint others in that same company who are showing intent on the same topics.  Companies can now market to a multitude of persons within a company and be confident that their efforts are reaching the right people. Activate ABM provides when they are in market, driving timely communications.
A noteworthy benefit of Activate ABM is that marketers can, in addition, employ predictive targeting. Predictive targeting uses intent data to detect companies they may have been previously unaware of, and the specific individuals within those companies, who are showing intent on topics relevant to their products or services.  Companies can also use this technology to understand what topics that their target markets are showing intent on, therefore garnering a greater understanding of the industry overall.
Through Activate ABM, companies have access to enhanced reporting as tangible measures of their campaigns’ performance, with advanced insights such as impressions by company, and specifics about that company, job function and level, and impressions by campaign and topic. Marketers can also see visitor traffic trends and measure intent score, which is a proprietary algorithm that measures topic interest in your target companies.
With Madison Logic’s network of over 260 million decision makers, 1,600 publishers, and over 3 billion B2B interactions, it’s clear that Activate ABM is going to set the industry standard in account-based marketing.

Kathryn Petrini

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