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Madison Logic’s Intent Data Boosts TeamQuest’s Email Open Rates by 158 Percent

By Nick Price

Campaign Delivers 248 Percent Lift in Click-Throughs

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jul 8, 2014) – Madison Logic, the premier provider of intent data solutions for B2B marketers and publishers, today announced the positive results of an email campaign for IT service optimization and predictive analytics experts TeamQuest Corporation. Powered by Madison Logic’s rich intent data, the email campaign resulted in 158 percent lift in open rates, 248 percent lift in click through rates and over 400 percent increase in forwards.

TeamQuest subscribed to Madison Logic’s data and incorporated it into their platform to execute a campaign designed to engage its end users via email nurturing. More specifically, the campaign goal was to promote an industry whitepaper regarding the topics of storage management, performance management and virtualization. By layering its market-leading B2B intent data atop TeamQuest’s own prospective customer database and using that insight to build highly targeted, intent-based email segments, Madison Logic identified targeted prospects who had already expressed intent around these topics.

“We are thrilled with the results of our campaign using Madison Logic’s intent-driven email segments,” said Leann Capesius, Global Marketing Manager, TeamQuest. “Having the insight into our customers’ intent has enabled us to accurately target our email outreach and tailor our messages more individually. Especially when compared to the control group using traditional segmenting, the amazing results we got by utilizing Madison Logic’s intent data speak for themselves.”

Madison Logic’s email segment builder technology is one of the most effective tools on the market to drive B2B engagement. Leveraging its own patent pending Data Match® technology, Madison Logic’s software identifies the topics that are key to a marketer’s goals and assets and then applies Content Consumption Monitoring algorithms to those topics to identify the prospects that have demonstrated interest and intent. Finally, the email segment builder matches marketing assets to those prospects’ expressed intent to produce email segments that significantly heighten overall engagement.

“Marketers are always looking for ways to optimize and scale their investment in email and quality data is key

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to making that happen,” said Erik Matlick, CEO, Madison Logic. “We assess over 200 million user initiated interactions each month, which makes us the largest supplier of intent data with a smart approach that turns disparate data points from various sources into actionable insight.”

About Madison Logic:
Headquartered in the U.S., Madison Logic is the premier provider of intent data solutions for 1,000+ of the world’s leading B2B marketers and publishers. The company’s Content Consumption Monitoring technology provides intelligent lead cultivation and monetization that ensures B2B brands are able to maximize the value of the leads they cultivate from acquisition to loyal customers. Madison Logic’s technology also empowers premium publishers to more efficiently monetize their businesses. With solutions driven by intent data, business buyers receive messages relevant to every stage of their journey to purchase. Today, more than 600 of the top B2B marketers depend on Madison Logic to maximize the reach, efficiency, effectiveness, engagement and insights delivered by their campaigns. The company maintains long-term partnerships with a highly refined base of 450 premium B2B publishers, who rely on Madison Logic to help them drive audience growth and greater revenue. Madison Logic is a global company based in New York City. It is privately funded and profitable.


Nick Price

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