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Activate stronger nurture programs in ABM. Download the 8 Bad Nurturing Habits in ABM eBook.

Madison Logic’s ML Platform Hosts Suite Of Tools Designed To Empower ABM Plays

By Madison Logic Team



This article was originally published by Demand Gen Report.

Powered by ML Data Cloud, Madison Logic’s ML Platform features Journey Acceleration™ designed to streamline funnel management and empower marketers to approach ABM more effectively. By providing marketers with the right first- and third-party synthesized data, ML Platform aims to identify and prioritize accounts, accelerating them down the funnel with a suite of account-based engagement and measurement tools.


ML Platform aims to provide three key benefits for B2B marketers: 

  • Automated account identification and prioritization; 
  • Account-level engagement and measurement; and 
  • Advanced optimization and acceleration. 

The platform uses the ML Data Cloud to synthesize data with integrated CRM and marketing automation platforms, identifying the best target accounts for organizations and engaging them across channels while accurately measuring account-based engagement throughout the entire revenue cycle. 

Finally, ML Platform is designed to allow organizations to quickly speed accounts through sales funnels by personalizing content and messaging through the use of engagement data.


Madison Logic targets B2B marketers in ABM, demand generation and advertising. Clients come from a broad range of verticals, including enterprise tech, healthcare, energy, financial services and more.


The ML Data Cloud’s synthesized data allows marketers to identify the best target accounts and accelerate funnel velocity by synchronizing with data from any field in their CRM and marketing automation platforms.


Madison Logic has a $2,500 monthly platform fee. This gives marketers the ability to accurately measure account-based engagement throughout the entire revenue cycle with granular, account-level insights and metrics. Additionally, clients pay media costs that include CPL and CPM; pricing will vary on an organization’s criteria.


Historically, when B2B marketers attempt to execute an effective ABM strategy, they struggle to piece together traditional demand generation tactics with multiple disparate solutions. This causes a gap that often slows down the sales process. Madison Logic’s new ML Platform is designed to help bridge this gap and mobilize marketing and sales teams to operate in sync from start to finish to accelerate customer journeys through an increasingly complex funnel.

Madison Logic Team

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