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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Vertical Site Search and the B2B Buying Process

By Nick Price

In lead generation, it’s critical for content to appear wherever B2B buyers goes online at every point in the decision making process. Despite the rising importance of social media, search is still the mainstay of online self-service efficiency. Many studies, including this one from ITSMA, show that peer influence and web search are what buyers find most helpful when researching possible solutions.
A recent study by research firm Mediative found that over 70% of B2B buyers begin their purchasing decisions with searches through search engines. Similarly, a study by DemandGen found that 75% of all B2B buyers enter the purchasing mindset through searches.
Madison Logic has enhanced its ad offerings to include direct placement on search results pages of sites within our premium publisher network of over 300+ sites in all B2B verticals.  The same technology that employs relevancy and reach algorithms also boosts current contextual placements by recognizing the “keyword context” of the page.
From a lead generation standpoint, this means that qualified business buyers will be able to find relevant content on sites they trust and depend on to make purchasing decisions. Wherever our advertiser content appears, we make sure that it can be easily searched. And when it’s found, make sure it can be quickly digested.
For publishers, Madison Logic is consistently improving its ad serving and relevancy targeting, which in turn maintains a valuable experience for their users. When advertisers sign up for Direct Leads, Madison Logic uses its LeadFocus technology to serve the most relevant ads on email newsletters, contextual ad units, research libraries, registration paths and now search and a newly enhanced keyword context results. After analyzing a campaign’s filters and advertiser assets, Madison Logic’s will look at publishers’ placements to determine the most relevant places to display the ads. Ad ranking is determined both by cost per lead, relevance and the audience reach.
Search drives a tremendous pool of potential prospects to build up within the sales funnel. Because these B2B buyers are accessing white papers and other research through search on niche vertical sites, they have already declared their intention to seek information on particular products and services. In many cases, web analytics suggest that these visitors convert to leads and sales at a greater rate than average website traffic. Leads that are generated through user initiated search on these sites are at least warm, if not a hot lead that actively wants to know more about your product.
How Does It Work?
When a user conducts a keyword search on a site such as SC Magazine for “Cloud Computing”, targeted whitepapers, webinars and other resources will return along with other search results from the publisher content management system.
User generated keyword results now appear on many sites within the Madison Logic Publisher network, including PC World, Haymarket Media’s SC Magazine,,, and many others.


Nick Price

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