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Shopping for ABM Vendors? Read This First

Madison Logic Team
October 14, 2019 2 MIN Blog

Choosing an ABM solution is like choosing an ice cream flavor at a new scoop shop. Not only are there a ton of different options, but some might be flavors you’ve never even heard of, let alone tasted. At this point, you have a few options. Pick something completely new, and you might find something amazing that you love – or you’ll find a flavor that you hate and waste your hard-earned money. Pick an old classic, and you could be depriving yourself of finding a new favorite.

With ABM, it’s a similar challenge. As marketing and automation technology has evolved, many new players have sprung up in the ABM space. They have a diverse set of solutions, and many are rather unique in the marketplace. When it comes to ice cream, you can always check Yelp or Google Reviews to see which are the stand-out flavors for that shop. But what can you check when it comes to ABM? Industry reports.

Why Is This Important?

Industry reports like the new Vendor Selection Matrix™ for Account-Based Marketing, SaaS and Software report by Research in Action help marketers sift through all the options out there and choose from among the best of the best, including Madison Logic. These researchers comb through the hard data, conduct interviews with thousands of executives, and do their due diligence to ensure that the ratings they give to industry players are fair, balanced, and accurate.

Use them to gauge your options when shopping for ABM solutions. Research in Action just recently released this brand-new report, their first for the ABM industry. This is a sign that the ABM industry is continuing to grow and evolve; now is a great time to start trying out ABM.

Check out the report here, and use it to help you choose from among the many options in the ABM industry today. If you have any questions about how Madison Logic can accelerate your pipeline, request a demo!

To learn more about the 507% three-year ROI that Madison Logic provides for our customers right now, check out the Madison Logic Total Economic Impact™ study from Forrester.