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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

This Week’s B2B Roundup

By Nick Price

626962261_a9fa180e45_bFrom discussions around content and marketing automation to tips for effective lead generation management, this week we have seen a variety of notable articles within the B2B sphere.
First – content, content, content. Content marketing is becoming one of the leading tools for B2B marketers. However, companies must find the appropriate balance between using objective branded content assets and third-party content assets. Jeff Zabin, CEO of Starfleet Media and bestselling business author, recently discussed these key points in his article, B2B Content Marketing and the Importance of Objectivity.
We felt that Zabin’s concluding paragraph truly exemplified the importance of a proper and diversified use of content marketing resources: “B2B companies need to establish an authoritative voice. They need to demonstrate thought leadership. And they need to educate the marketplace in a way that aligns sufficiently well with the customer benefits their products or services deliver. While branded content assets can be instrumental in helping them achieve these objectives, marketers should also associate their companies with third-party content assets that might be perceived as less biased and more objective.”
Another article that we wanted to bring to attention is Dave Scott’s, 5 Ways To Determine if Your Lead Gen Budget Stacks Up. In this piece, Scott lists five stages B2B marketers need to consider when assessing budgets through a customer lifetime value calculation, which is described as “the dollar value of a customer relationship.” Here are the five stages a B2B marketer should consider:

  1. “Determine your customer’s lifetime value.”
  2. “Determine the customer acquisition costs (CAC)”
  3. “Build the CAC Model”
  4. “Calculate your cost per won deal (CPWD)”
  5. “Develop a strategy to bring CPWD and CAC together”

As we mentioned in last week’s Madison Logic blog, marketing automation is continually being discussed throughout the industry. In a recent CMS article, Julie Hunt, independent consultant and B2B industry analyst, wrote an informative piece around Shaping the Future of Customer Responsive Marketing Automation. We loved when she stated, “to achieve more valuable use of marketing automation, you have to start with thoroughly understanding customers, buyer journeys, trigger events and key touchpoints.” We agree that there has to be a thorough understanding of all facets involved in a marketing campaign before marketing automation can be used effectively.
John Koetsier also added to the marketing automation discussion in his VentureBeat article, 70+ players, sub 5% penetration: Marketing automation still ‘crossing the chasm’. Although the industry has been hearing about marketing automation for quite some time, Koetsier reveals that the use and adoption of marketing automation is still in the “crossing the chasm” phase, meaning that “the sector is just now spreading from the early adopters and innovators to the early majority.”
Marketing automation is relevant and timely within the B2B sphere and we are excited to see how it continues to grow and progress. Be sure to check back in at the end of the month to learn more about marketing automation in our upcoming Madison Logic whitepaper covering marketing automation.
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Nick Price

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