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It used to be that having one’s “head in the clouds” signified a dreamer, unrealistic –a sort of fantasist. But things have changed. Increasingly both our personal and professional lives are in the cloud…and that’s a good thing.
For business end-users, the cloud is ideal. Among other things it gives a geographically dispersed workforce the ability to more effectively collaborate; it streamlines disaster recovery times; it steps up security efforts; and –as a bonus– it’s more environmentally sound. Cloud computing reduces server space, cutting energy consumption by at least 30 percent, significantly reducing a company’s carbon footprint.
And the cloud is the future. Forrester recently declared that cloud computing is now a “hyper growth” market that will reach $191 billion by 2020 – a 20 percent jump from Forrester’s last estimate, and nearly triple the market’s current $71 billion value. IDC forecasts that the number of new cloud-based solutions will triple by 2020 . What’s more, according to eMarketer, 45 percent of business leaders claim that cloud computing has dramatically affected the way they do business.
Finally, eMarketer also indicates that the cloud is one of top 4 technologies that will transform their businesses, with big data taking the top slot. But cloud computing and big data go hand in hand with 19 percent saying they’ll invest in the cloud in preparation for their big data initiatives.
It’s getting crowded in the cloud
Madison Logic has tracked this uptick in interest. Since 2009, we have syndicated 5,700 assets focused on the cloud. And in 2015, the topic continues to surge with 700 cloud-focused assets launched in just the first six months.
This is in line with industry trends. In a January 16, 2015 issue of Investor’s Business Daily reports that –according to a cloud computing study conducted by Goldman Sachs– we’re only scratching the surface. According to Goldman, “Spending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms is expected to grow at a 30 percent compound annual rate from 2013 through 2018 compared with 5 percent growth for the overall enterprise IT market.”
What’s more, as more cloud providers are moving into the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to differentiate themselves. The key is getting the right message in front of the people who are essentially asking cloud-based questions.
Targeting these prospects because we understand what they are researching and what they will continue to read, allows a deep dive into the topic, granting greater granularity and allowing a peek into the subjects that are netting the most interest. Top assets for “cloud computing” include:

  • The Path to Value in the Cloud (29 percent of assets)
  • How to avoid the biggest risks of moving to Office 365 (18 percent of assets)
  • Optimizing the Datacenter Network for Improved Scalability, Orchestration, and Automation (9 percent of assets)

Even more tellingly, interactions with these assets between May and June 2015 allow us to track specific surging topics to gauge where interest in the cloud most lies:

  • Cloud as a Service: 210 percent Increase
  • Cloud Back-up/ Recovery: 210 percent Increase
  • Cloud Security: 179 percent Increase
  • Cloud Infrastructure: 123 percent Increase
  • Cloud Computing: 109 percent Increase

Overall, interactions within the cloud category grew 103 percent from May to June. This surge allows us to anticipate growing trends and pinpoint prospects currently exhibiting an intent-to-purchase, in cloud-based technologies.
The cloud is now, with companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft and Dell recently buying into the game, already deeply invested. But marketers looking to target those who have the most propensity to buy should ground their campaigns with intent-driven insight that will give them the most impact for their dollars.
The cloud crowd ‘s research is anchored into specific needs and requirements and the closer you can get to answering their questions quickly, the faster their move To the Cloud! Check out the infographic for a deeper look into the rise of the cloud.
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Image via Nishanth Jois

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