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Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

Using Intent Data To Enhance Account-Based Marketing

By Nick Price

Madison Logic, a provider of B2B digital brand and demand solutions, has identified a pattern among “in-market” prospects that reveals some 70% of buyers will be hyperactive for around five days during their research and consideration process, and then go quiet before they have even reached out to a sales person.
So how do you reach the remaining 30%–those leads who are both in-market and still active?
One way is by utilizing intent signals, so marketers can know when a prospect is active and ready to be engaged.
Intent data can help marketers understand and target consumers appropriately during the path to purchase. First-party, intent data shows exactly what a potential customer is interested in. It can also show how interested they are – did they look at your company information or product for four seconds or three minutes? What did they click on? These insights help brands serve relevant, personalized content at scale.
“Intent data indicates who is likely researching a particular topic,” says Tom Koletas, SVP Advertising Sales, at Madison Logic (pictured top left). “It is a crucial part of effective ABM, because it is not enough to reach any person at a company, intent defines those who are influencers and decision makers. In fact intent is a more accurate indicator of influence than job titles or departments”
Taking Aim at Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
The term ABM has been around for years, but with recent advances in technology, this tactic is now being adopted at a much larger scale than ever before. With a combination of real-time ad buying and IP-based identification–and now, using intent data–ABM is an innovative, targeted, real-time marketing technique.
To explain the power of intent data as a part of ABM, Madison Logic has created an infographic.


This article originally appeared in Adotas

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Nick Price

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