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Why LinkedIn Is a B2B Marketer’s Best Friend

Melody Selby
March 1, 2023 5 MIN Blog

2023 is poised to be a pivotal year for B2B marketing. Faced with increased competition and shrinking budgets, marketers must navigate larger buying committees and more complex buying cycles.  

How do you maximize your marketing investment to engage multiple members of the buying committee with relevant content and advertising when your audience researches solutions in so many different areas?  

If you distribute content and advertising in siloed channels, there’s no guarantee that your messaging is aligned across each channel. This potentially disjointed experience can make it challenging to grab the buyer’s attention and control the conversation in the many stages of their journey.  

What you need is a unified approach to targeting and campaign activation. 

To meet the growing demands of today’s challenging and complex marketplace, marketers need to increase accounts engagement and accelerate conversion across the sales cycle through a unified, multi-channel approach. And with 810 million global members, LinkedIn is a critical component of an effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategy. More than just a place to look for a job, hire the best, or connect with a colleague, LinkedIn enables marketers to drive higher conversions from their campaigns and gain the clarity to understand what impacts pipeline and ROI.  

Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Marketers are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Success today means prioritizing your media investment on the accounts and buying committees most likely to convert.  

 By running a multi-channel ABM campaign through LinkedIn, you can stretch your investment dollars further by influencing engagement across the right set of accounts.  

LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager allows you to target professional traits such as job titles, company names, industry type, or by professional or personal interests with just a few clicks. The platform also makes it easy to target individuals more granularly by selecting regional boundaries for your ads. And if you have a specific buyer persona in mind, you can hyper-target and prioritize those decision-makers at scale across LinkedIn. This ensures you reach a quality audience comprised of the influencers, decision-makers, and executives on the buying committees of the accounts you’re trying to target. 

Want to a level deeper in your targeting strategy? LinkedIn Ads integrates with other ABM platforms, like Madison Logic. Use the power from ML Insights to identify the accounts most likely to convert that will form your Target Account List, and then bring that data into LinkedIn Ads using Matched Audiences to refine your targeting in LinkedIn. By using all the powerful targeting abilities of ML Insights and LinkedIn together, you can ensure that you’re maximizing your budget by targeting the accounts with the highest propensity to purchase. 

Reduce Internal Overhead with a Persistent Presence 

How do you own the customer experience? You do it through multi-channel ABM strategies that yield higher conversion across the sales cycle.  

According to LinkedIn’s 95/5 Rule, only 5% of your target accounts are in market at any given point of time. While it’s important to invest in efforts that target the 5% of people who are “in-market” today, you need a full-funnel strategy that delivers a persistent presence to stay top-of-mind with the other 95% who are not ready to buy.  

 Activating “always-on”, multi-channel campaigns on LinkedIn alongside other key media channels does just that. By targeting the same accounts on all channels, your team has the control to send consistent messages to the most important and influential people interested in your solution.

This is another area where our integration with LinkedIn streamlines campaign activities for those seeking a competitive edge. Through the all-in-one ML Platform, you can coordinate the automated delivery of personalized messaging and content on LinkedIn to maximize account engagement alongside ABM Content Syndication and ABM Display Advertising, including any of LinkedIn’s supported ad formats including Video ads, Direct Messaging ads, and Sponsored Content.  

Bringing all your channels together based on a full-funnel strategy, your activation strategy can look something like this: 

This approach enables you to use several types of LinkedIn ads within a multi-channel ABM strategy that complements your other campaign activities and dynamically serves the most relevant content and advertising to target accounts across channels. You can cover the entire duration of an account sales cycle, enabling your team to adapt your message to what your buyer is looking for in each stage. 

Validate Pipeline Impact and Marketing ROI

Measuring the impact of your LinkedIn advertising is essential not only for your LinkedIn campaigns but also for your entire ABM strategy. Evaluating campaign performance allows you to optimize strategies, justify investment, and align your teams.   

One important but often overlooked benefit of leveraging LinkedIn in your ABM strategy is the visibility and data derived from a full-funnel, multi-channel approach. It’s critical to see and measure your LinkedIn advertising impact alongside your other ABM channels to gain a full view of the buyer’s journey. With greater end-to-end visibility into program performance, you learn exactly how your accounts move through the sales cycle and see how your content and messaging performs against defined goals. By tracking metrics and using data to inform decision-making, you can achieve better results and drive revenue growth from your target accounts. 

With a multi-channel ABM strategy you get a fuller story on campaign, channel, or account-specific outcomes. LinkedIn is the answer to more dynamic and accurate measurement metrics.  

Leverage LinkedIn to Break Silos and Increase Investment Value 

It’s important to remember that B2B buying journeys are complex. During an uncertain economic climate, accounts may not be ready to invest in your solution or have additional decision barriers in place. Not every buyer is on the same path to purchasing your solution.  

Using a one-size-fits-all approach to your targeting and campaign strategy will leave you with missed opportunities, oversaturated buyers, and little return on your media investment. To capture attention and unify the buying committee experience, you need a multi-channel approach that includes LinkedIn to reach each contact with the nurturing path that will push them forward in the buyer’s journey.