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Cisco Leverages ABM to Simplify a Complex Sales Cycle

The Challenge 

Cisco, the worldwide leader in technology that powers the internet, needed the ability to expose executives at target accounts with the right messages about Webex, its collaboration application tool. Companies choose Webex when they need a long-term solution for hybrid work and the implications of hybrid work in the future. Webex has a complex sales cycle focused on targeting multiple personas and engaging strategic accounts in cross-sell and upsell opportunities. 

The Solution 

Ian Michiels, Sr. Director of Global Field & Partner Marketing for the Webex business unit at Cisco, leverages data to target the specific industries, accounts, or personas most likely to purchase. Through integration with Salesforce, Ian and his team are able to personalize the account experience across multiple channels as they progress through the customer journey, while optimizing content and messaging at individual stages based on pipeline and revenue performance insights.

Ian identifies the two biggest benefits of working with its ABM partners as the breadth of the ecosystem and the ability to scale and target accounts, with the insights gained being second to none in the industry.

“Everything about ABM is driven by data. The way we look at data is really tailored to each stage in the buying cycle.”  

The Results 

Ian and his team are able to optimize the account experience through tight focus at the top of the funnel on the relevant experience needed from the buying committee ion their engagement with Webex. From there, the team is able to drop their target audience into personalized experiences driven by signals that help provide education needed for each account to the needs of their business. 

By measuring engagement and conversion metrics along the funnel to identify which content and channels are effective at different stages and which are driving revenue, Ian is able to see the direct impact on pipeline and how an ABM strategy is influencing it. 

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