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Dell Accelerates the Buying Journey with a Data-Driven, ABM Strategy

The Challenge

Dell Technologies is a global leader in driving human progress, focusing on supporting its customers and helping them succeed. To achieve this, they implement global, data-driven ABM strategies focused on communicating value to the customer.

As the Country Marketing Head for Medium Business in Australia and New Zealand, Sandip Ghosh needed more insights to ensure he and his team were communicating this value by targeting the right accounts, prioritizing key decision-makers within the buying committee, and delivering relevant content to move potential customers through the buyer’s journey. This strategy required data to understand how in-market accounts engaged across multiple channels and a partner that could support their ABM goals.

The Solution 

With Madison Logic, Sandip and his team have established a more effective and systematic process for ensuring they serve customers and prospective buyers with relevant information and content to make well-informed decisions. By leveraging ML Insights, the Dell team has better access to research and engagement signals within a combined dataset to identify the accounts with the highest propensity to purchase. This enables them to leverage ABM Content Syndication to put their best content in front of in-market accounts to accelerate demand for their products and services. And through the ML Platform, the team is able to analyze detailed campaign performance and metrics to demonstrate positive ROI to leadership.

“Oftentimes marketing, in the marketing community, we fall in the pitfall that we want to put out the best message without thinking whether a customer wants to listen to that or not. ABM allows us to figure out what customer is looking for, when are they looking for, and who are they looking for, and accordingly serve them with the most relevant, authentic, credible information that’ll help them.” 

The Results 

Using ML Insights, the Dell team has greater confidence in their ability to uncover in-market accounts, prioritize the right individuals to engage within the organization, and promote the content most likely to accelerate the sales cycle for their target audience.

“What I particularly liked about Madison Logic is the level of detail and the insights they were putting out. It impressed me that they do think in the right direction to drive our business forward.” 

Seeing great results, Sandip credits the high engagement and collaboration between his team and Madison Logic. The partnership has allowed his team to build a better account-based strategy that moves deals faster by delivering personalized experiences cross-platform for each stage of the funnel.

“Doing ABM allows us to target customers at the right time, with the right audience, with the right frequency. And that helps them on better decision making, understanding our product, and perceiving our marketing message as much more credible, authentic, and timely.” 

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