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Case Study

Endava Sees a Surge in Influenced Pipeline with Madison Logic Partnership

Mark Redstrom
May 2, 2024 3 MIN Case Study


The Challenge

Endava is a leading technology services company that combines world-class engineering, industry expertise, and a people-centric mindset to assist global enterprises in creating technological solutions that drive innovation and transform businesses. The company prioritizes understanding the ins and outs of each customer’s industry and applying the right content and messaging for a deep go-to-market campaign strategy based on customers’ pain points.

Realizing that, according to LinkedIn’s 95-5 Rule, a majority of their target accounts are not ready to buy at any given time, Judit Szabo, Global Head of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, saw an opportunity to bolster the company’s marketing efforts with full-funnel, account-based marketing (ABM).

Utilizing a full-funnel, multi-channel approach that builds on Endava’s people-centric reputation, Judit realized they could drive stronger top-of-funnel lead generation efforts with in-market accounts while also staying top-of-mind with accounts not ready to buy. She also understood the importance of account data and wanted an ABM partner that could help them capture account intelligence to fuel their real-time and future campaign strategies for stronger marketing-influenced pipeline and ROI on their efforts.

“When having an inherently account-based approach to our demand generation, it’s really important for any business, I think, to not only work with their first-party data, but to work with vendors who can provide reliable third-party data with the right intelligence on the accounts we are targeting.”

The Solution 

Endava’s successful partnership with Madison Logic enabled Judit and her team to execute a true multi-channel approach with ABM Content Syndication and ABM Display Advertising powered by ML Insights that fuels their sales pipeline and increases their ROI.

ABM Content Syndication helps the organization generate top-of-funnel leads and successfully target and engage them while ABM Display Advertising allows them to fortify brand awareness and retargeting campaigns to stay top-of-mind with future customers.

This activity is fueled by the combined data from Endava’s own first-party account intelligence and Madison Logic’s proprietary intent dataset, ML Insights, which is fed into the ML Platform and HubSpot to help activate automated lead capture and nurture campaigns. The Endava team also uses the ML Platform to monitor and learn from their real-time campaigns and share account insights with their sales teams.

The result allows them to establish relationships with target accounts and engage them with relevant, industry-specific content to consume at their own pace. Running ABM with Madison Logic enables Endava to serve customers in need of their services both now and in the future by staying top-of-mind.

The Results 

Endava saw great success running these multi-channel ABM campaigns through Madison Logic. Not only did they see over 40% of their top-of-funnel contacts come into their pipeline, but they’ve also seen 30X ROI on its influenced pipeline. The success of their ABM Content Syndication and ABM Display Advertising campaigns is also driving the team to expand their multi-touch efforts by adopting ABM Social Advertising with LinkedIn.

“80% of that pipeline was on existing customers, so these campaigns really helped us open up doors into new buying committees that drive an existing relationship forward, selling more to these customers.”

Judit and her team review their ABM campaign performance and account intelligence regularly, sharing intel with their sales teams for stronger conversations and better lead follow-up to conversion. Working with Madison Logic amplifies Endava’s demand generation efforts and helps them deliver tailored content and messaging through the entire funnel with a multi-channel ABM strategy.

“I would recommend Madison Logic for any B2B organization that puts accounts at the core of their demand generation efforts.”