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Case Study

Leaders in Marketing Innovation: Billie Goldman of Intel

Mark Redstrom
October 19, 2023 1 MIN Case Study

How do you create more immersive and personalized customer experiences?

With a strategic approach that focuses on personalized marketing efforts tailored to individual accounts, ABM is the answer to delivering impactful campaigns that build stronger relationships and drive targeted revenue growth. But your efforts will be worthless unless you leverage data at every step of the way. 

Billie Goldman, B2B Scale Partner Marketing Program Director at Intel, understands that data is key to unlocking the level of personalization that buyers crave. She wants to use it go beyond just personalization to become more personal with dynamic experiences that bring a different point of view to each buyer group member. 

With data-driven ABM, you engage with an account at a level that demonstrates empathy in a way other B2B tactics don’t. By delivering tailored content and messaging at every stage of the sales cycle, a data-driven, account-based approach increases conversion rates by building awareness and trust.

Increase conversion rates with content and messaging that uniquely meets each buying committee member with the information they need and deliver it in innovative ways to further amplify your personalization efforts.