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Case Study

Leaders in Marketing Innovation: Carrie McIlveen of T-Mobile for Business

Mark Redstrom
October 20, 2023 1 MIN Case Study

Does your content engage and resonate with your target audience?

For Carrie McIlveen, Director, Enterprise Marketing at T-Mobile for Business, reaching a wide and complex audience necessitated help from customers, segment advisers, and subject matter experts to understand their pain points and develop content that spoke to those concerns. 

True personalization goes beyond just addressing a customer by their name. It involves an engagement strategy that delivers content and messaging that speaks to the buyer’s specific and individual concerns at each stage of the funnel. 

This level of personalization shows that your brand is empathetic to your customers.

Marketers who take a customer-first approach to matching content and messaging to the buyer’s mindset leveraging audience research and data insights see more engagement and balanced brand building for long-term revenue growth.