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Case Study

Leaders in Marketing Innovation: Jamie Linville of Lenovo

Mark Redstrom
October 20, 2023 1 MIN Case Study

Data-driven ABM must be constantly measured, tested, and optimized for the best results.

Given the resource intensity of multi-channel ABM, you can’t afford to run a campaign only to review and measure the results at the end. Purchase decisions are long; triaging what went wrong at the end means losing out on time, investment, and most likely a sale. You need an agile approach to your ABM that allows for continuous adjustments as the market shifts. 

For Jamie Linville, Digital Center of Excellence Lead at Lenovo, that means paying attention to engagement data from her MAP to determine non-converters and account segmentation. She also leverages this data to create market insights for her sales team to help them determine account priorities. 

With a better view of campaign performance, Jamie is able to identify optimization opportunities that generate more revenue from target accounts, improve the ROI of her marketing efforts, and increase win rates through more relevant and personalized marketing content for her target accounts.