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Mimecast Partners with Madison Logic to Drive Awareness of Their Email Security Solutions

Read the transcript of the success story below.

Mimecast is a global company, a cloud company, that makes emails safer for business. Simply put, Mimecast makes it so that email is always-on, always secure and data that is always accessible by their employees.

It all started about six years ago when I met my first representative from Madison Logic, who pitched me a very innovative approach on engaging the target audience that we wanted to get to.

I engaged Madison Logic to go after native advertising, strong demand generation campaigns, active account based marketing, to round out our marketing initiatives here.

Account based marketing to me is a mindset, it’s not just a digital program, it’s how you interact with sales, to identify the accounts you want to go after and the segments that you want to go after and put them into a system and a program and a process that really engages with them.

When you think about account based marketing in an integrated fashion, Madison Logic is the one company that you can go to that builds out the entire digital part of an account based marketing program. They are able to dial-in the right message to the right person at the right time.

We were able to get to sixty percent of our target audience, driving over eleven thousand people to our website in a single quarter. Additionally, there were four-hundred and twelve unique organizations that we were able to engage with and within those organizations, over 500 leads delivered.

The reason I continue to work with Madison Logic is that even though they’ve grown, they continue to be focused on our success as an organization and it really matches what Mimecast is all about. It’s about customer success and that’s what we infuse in our team here at Mimecast and when you find a partner like that, in the marketplace, like Madison Logic provides, it’s just a win-win situation.   

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