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Case Study

Shell Lubricant Solutions Boosts ABM Precision and Pipeline Performance with Madison Logic’s Strategic Partnership

Mark Redstrom
April 11, 2024 2 MIN Case Study


The Challenge

For Katrina Kilgas, B2B Media Manager at Shell Lubricant Solutions, developing an effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategy hinges on leveraging data to understand and engage a diverse audience. As a global provider of lubricant solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, Shell Lubricant Solutions targets decision-makers from C-suite executives to plant managers and procurement specialists. 

The opportunity lies in crafting messages that resonate with each segment of this varied audience and delivering these messages through the most appropriate channels. To enhance their marketing efforts, Shell Lubricant Solutions recognized the need for detailed intent data and insights into their target accounts. 

The Solution 

Madison Logic helps Katrina and the Shell Lubricant Solutions team by providing data-driven insights into their targeting for better targeting and content strategy. 

With the help of ML Insights, Shell Lubricant Solutions can now prioritize accounts more effectively, understand the needs of different buyer personas, and tailor their messaging and advertising strategy accordingly. Utilizing ABM Content Syndication and ABM Display Advertising, Shell Lubricant Solutions identifies and targets accounts with potential interest in their solutions through a unified, data-informed ABM strategy.

Katrina states, “We’re much more strategic in the way that we’re targeting, and we’re much more data-driven now from having worked with Madison Logic.”

The Results 

Through its partnership with Madison Logic, Katrina and the Shell team have seen an expansion of its marketing and sales alignment and collaboration, leading to a more focused and effective targeting strategy. The insights have not only helped Shell Lubricant Solutions identify and pursue accounts, but provided a streamlined approach to targeting and engagement, supporting faster progression through the sales pipeline.

Katrina notes, “ABM has allowed us to improve our sales and marketing alignment as well as be very efficient with our resources because we’re hyper-targeted on the accounts that sales is actively targeting.”

Katrina values the market intelligence and strategic guidance Madison Logic provides to ensure that the Shell Lubricant Solutions team’s ABM programs are optimized and impactful to their pipeline goals.

“I highly recommend Madison Logic to any B2B marketer, especially anybody that’s just starting on their ABM path, because they’re the perfect partner to help you grow in this space.”