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T-Mobile for Business Drives Higher Engagement Rates Through Data-Driven ABM Strategy


The Challenge

T-Mobile for Business is a telecommunications company that provides comprehensive wireless solutions tailored to the needs of businesses. As Senior Marketing Media Manager, Janice Barbosa manages paid media, account-based marketing (ABM), and demand generation for T-Mobile for Business’s enterprise and public sector groups. Her responsibilities cover everything from developing the strategy, to overseeing the execution, to working through that continual cycle of optimization to make sure programs are continually delivering. 

The T-Mobile for Business marketing team excels at establishing initial connections with its target accounts. However, a one-size-fits-all approach to content and messaging wasn’t producing the highly-engaged prospects they were looking for in their pipeline. To increase engagement and create more opportunities for sales, their marketing campaigns needed to target decision-makers and buying personas with more relevant and personalized content that would move them through the funnel faster. The T-Mobile for Business team embraced ABM and partnered with Madison Logic for help in prioritizing and engaging the accounts most likely to purchase. 

“We use account-based marketing as a critical part of our strategy, and it goes back to this idea of how we can drive that hyper-relevance between our message and the unique needs of our audience. It’s difficult to have an ABM strategy without integrating data in every component.”

The Solution 

T-Mobile for Business’s partnership with Madison Logic brings ABM Content Syndication, ABM Display Advertising, and ML Insights into their strategy for a data-driven, multi-channel approach. This solution portfolio enables Janice and her team to engage buyers at every stage of the buying journey with relevant content.

ML Insights provides the T-Mobile for Business team with intent and account data that enables them to understand the different buyer personas they need to target. With this data, they can create content that resonates with each decision-maker, establishing trust and moving them through the buying journey. ML Insights also tracks an account’s progression through the buying journey, providing the team with insights into how best to engage audiences with the most relevant content that moves them forward.

T-Mobile for Business’s multi-channel approach with ABM Content Syndication and ABM Display Advertising allows their content to be where buyers need it. For example, when targeting top-of-funnel accounts, they can leverage thought leadership pieces and white papers to those buyers. Retargeting through ABM Display Advertising keeps T-Mobile for Business’s solution story relevant and persistent, with additional touches and content further down the funnel for decision-makers already engaging. The T-Mobile for Business marketing team can then share the account’s journey and engagement story with sales teams for stronger conversations.

This data-driven, multi-channel approach through Madison Logic solutions leads to higher engagement with content which results in more qualified opportunities within the T-Mobile for Business sales pipeline.

“There’s a lot of data in ML Insights and we use it as a tool to inform our sales teams When they see a lead, they can see what account that lead came from, what type of content they’ve engaged with, how many touches we’ve had against them, what other types of intent or activity they have shown. So, our salespeople can build a customized way to re-contact that individual.”

The Results 

Since teaming up with Madison Logic, Janice and her team report continuous improvements across their primary key performance indicators. One of their key metrics is appointment rates, so making sure leads have a higher likelihood to set an appointment is a priority. Through Madison Logic, T-Mobile for Business achieved 3X and 5X increases in appointment rates for two of their key segments. 

The transformation from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more personalized content strategy helped the team align content to buyer needs, resulting in deeper connections across the buying journey. Janice credits Madison Logic’s consulting team as essential in optimizing their content sequencing strategy to gain these higher appointment rates. Madison Logic helped T-Mobile for Business map out a sequencing strategy that took into account where customers were in their buying cycle so T-Mobile for Business could then target them, retarget them, and find ways to nurture them so when they did get into the market, customers were ready to book an appointment. 

More than just a technology solution provider, Madison Logic’s teams strive to help clients continuously optimize their ABM approach. 

“The key to our partnership with Madison Logic is collaboration, effective use of data and constantly pushing for ways to improve our programs. I would recommend Madison Logic to anyone who’s building out their ABM programs. They are in a very competitive environment, but what makes Madison Logic unique is their proactive focus on their client’s businesses, understanding what they’re doing, how it’s performing, what can be done to make it better, and then helping to implement those things and really work together to see continual improvement, which is what most marketers have to have in order to succeed.”

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