Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook. Learn More
Work smarter, not harder in 2023. Download the 2023 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook.

ABM Success Series

See how marketing leaders are driving the future of account-based marketing. Get inspired by leading enterprise software organizations executing global multi-channel ABM strategies to drive superior results.

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Better together: Madison Logic and LinkedIn

“Madison Logic has been an incredible addition to the LinkedIn Marketing Partner program. It is an Account-Based Marketing platform that helps bring that dream idea of tying Marketing to Revenue to life.”

Liz Demers

Senior Partner Manager

ABM marketing success stories

“Anytime you can surround buying committees on multiple channels, in multiple stages of the funnel you’re always going to have a better quality of output of the leads you are getting in the pipeline.”

Thomas Matthew

Senior Marketing Manager, Vonage

"I would recommend looking into Madison Logic if you are looking to have some deeper insights into the impact of the marketing that you're putting out into the market. If you're looking for deeper alignment between sales and marketing, I think we’ve seen benefit in all of those areas."

Susan Campbell

Group Marketing Manager, Panasonic

"In terms of the revenue that's generated, I will tell you it has been substantial. It's been more than what we forecasted for. Madison Logic has accelerated that lead funnel and delivered revenue at a quicker pace than if we would've done our own internal ABM marketing."

Kristopher Patterson

Senior Integrated Marketing, Wolters Kluwer

Thought leadership events from marketing experts

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Multi-Channel ABM Innovators

Catherine Higgins, Senior Marketing Manager, Sales Solutions at LinkedIn and Madison Logic COO & Co-Founder, Vin Turk moderate a discussion with ABM leaders Rose Spicer from Oracle and Ian Michiels from Cisco about how modernizing your account-based go-to-marketing strategy can drive account engagement across the sales cycle and improve the ROI of your marketing investment.

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The State of Multi-Channel ABM

Guest speaker Robert Peterson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester shares the latest research on the power of data-driven multi-channel ABM and how these findings will impact future B2B marketing strategies. Rachel Teare from Citrix Systems joins Vin Turk, COO and Co-Founder of Madison Logic, to discuss the research findings and share ABM successes and challenges.

Marketing leaders love Madison Logic

Account Prioritization

“The ML Platform’s accessibility, LinkedIn integration, and analytics capabilities help us reach the right customers, tell more cohesive stories, prioritize what matters most to our customers, and improve the overall effectiveness of our campaigns.”

David Velez

Global Head of Social


“Almost immediately after employing a multi-channel ABM strategy with Madison Logic, we were able to prioritize the accounts demonstrating in-market research and efficiently drive the type of engagement our sales team needs to fill their pipeline.”

Mike Ellis

Sr. Corporate Marketing Manager


“It’s really helpful to see all the results from our multi-channel campaigns in one single place. When I’m in meetings with the buisness, I can now share the results of all our multi-channel campaigns, including LinkedIn so we can see exactly how accounts are engaging with us accross the board.

Fabio Luz

Sr. Marketing Manager

Data-driven ABM campaigns that win

“The biggest benefit of working with Madison Logic, hands down, is access to credible, account-based intent data. That really is the driver of the partnership value. That data is very important to us and to our clients. Having access leads to a better understanding of the market we’re trying to play in and ultimately drives better performance.

Mollie Jolliffe

SVP, Process & Technology

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