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2022 ABM Playbook

Marketers today are asked for two metrics from their executive teams: market-sourced pipeline and market-sourced revenue. The silos separating marketing and sales must come down for marketing to prove its true ROI, and you can do this by working with your sales team to target the right accounts that will strengthen the sales pipeline and increase revenue for your organization. Capturing the attention of these target accounts can be tricky, but with a strong Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy in place, you can identify and prioritize the right accounts and increase your volume of marketing-qualified accounts by up to 3x.

Use this as your guide to meet your metrics and prove your marketing team’s ROI. Based on our research, this playbook helps you design and implement your own ABM campaign strategy.

Inside this playbook you’ll find:

  • Foundations and key components of a successful ABM strategy
  • How to identify your target accounts
  • Keys to activating a successful ABM campaign
  • Examples of ABM Plays you can use
  • How to effectively measure the impact of your ABM campaign

Ready to get started? Download your copy of the ABM Playbook and start converting your best accounts, faster.

Download the Playbook