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Customer Expansion: ABM for Cross-Selling and Upselling Blueprint

It’s often thought that post-purchase, marketing’s tool belt and tactics disappear once customers sign the dotted line—but that’s far from the truth. 

Engaging and deepening relationships within accounts is at the core of effective account-based marketing motions. Why would you stop when leads become customers?  
Part of a strong retention strategy is a solid expansion strategy, yet understanding how to strike at opportune moments to cross-sell or upsell requires cross-collaborative initiatives beyond simple discussions around customer interest.

Download the Blueprint

This actionable blueprint provides a foundation for your marketing strategy to give buyer groups within your customer base the attention and personalization they require to invest in your product and build a long-lasting relationship where your offering becomes indispensable toward achieving their goals.  

In it, you’ll learn:  

  • Five steps to develop a strong, repeatable approach to create compelling expansion campaigns 
  • How to leverage data for better content matchmaking across the buyer group and optimize media mix placement 
  • How real companies demonstrate cross-sell and upsell campaign initiatives 
  • What metrics and key performance indicators help you optimize campaigns