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ABM Buyer Intent Guide: Cybersecurity

Wide-approach marketing tactics revolve around aiming for the accounts your company thinks are best-fit. But tight budgets and limited resources require you to work more efficiently. 

There’s been a shift in how Cybersecurity solutions go to market as well as the influencers and buyers of it. Leveraging ML Insights, a combined data set that unifies three key data sources to create a holistic signal called MLI Score, this guide highlights: 

  • Cybersecurity solution buyer trends 
  • Accounts to target with Cybersecurity-related content 
  • Who’s involved in Cybersecurity solution purchases 
  • The Cybersecurity-related content topics to engage buyers with 

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong accounts. Download the ABM Buyer Intent Guide: Cybersecurity to achieve more success from your ABM campaigns today.


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