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Madison Logic: Ad Serving Platform for Lead-Gen

Madison Logic Team
October 1, 2013 1 MIN News

marketing_vox_social_media_email_marketing_harpointner_aismediaFounder Erik Matlick of pay-per-click ad network IndustryBrains has launched┬áMadison Logic, which he claims is the first full-service ad serving platform that caters specifically to lead generation.┬áThe technology is called LeadFocus. It serves ads via contextual and behavioral targeting, and also provides inventory management, analytics, reporting and lead delivery/management.┬á”Complex algorithms” place ads in front of qualified audiences in real-time; ads can be served on websites, e-newsletters and email blasts.┬áMadison Logic saw a quiet 12-month buildup before today’s formal launch. Its technology has already been licensed to DMNews, iMediaConnection, PC Magazine, Sourceforge and Security Focus. Read More.