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CTV Precision and the Power of ABM to Reach the Right B2B Audience: Vin Turk on Marketing Smarts Podcast

Betsy Utley-Marin
December 20, 2023 1 MIN Podcast

As more buyers work from home and utilize digital channels for a self-driven buying experience, Connected TV (CTV)—which includes Smart TV’s and other devices that allow brands to reach their audiences through internet targeting—has emerged as a compelling choice for B2B marketers seeking to enhance their multi-channel ABM strategy. However focusing solely on an individual digital marketing channel or approaching campaigns without a unified strategy is no longer a viable option to succeed.

Click here to listen to Vin Turk’s interview on the MarketingProfs Marketing Smarts Podcast to learn how to elevate your ABM strategy with a unified, multi-channel approach using CTV today.