Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023! Read the Wave Report
Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!
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Madison Logic Unveils New Data Cloud to Accelerate ABM for B2B Organizations Globally

Madison Logic Team
May 6, 2019 3 MIN Press Release

B2B Marketing Teams Can Convert Their Best Accounts Faster With New Cutting-Edge Data Architecture

NEW YORK, May 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Madison Logic, the leading global account-based marketing (ABM) platform, today announces the launch of the ML Data Cloud, powering cutting-edge ABM to accelerate your pipeline and convert your best accounts faster. With state-of-the-art architecture, rich data, and a robust data gateway, the ML Data Cloud leverages data from over 20 first- and third-party sources, enabling advanced hyper-targeting based on account engagement, cross-channel performance insights, and Journey Acceleration™ across the entire customer lifecycle. This new solution leverages advanced machine learning to provide continuous optimization and marketing insights.

“The intelligent application of data at scale has become critical to driving marketing efficiency and accelerating growth. However, the complexity of analyzing and employing this data has grown as well,” said Ajay Sathyanath, Chief Technology Officer, Madison Logic. “The ML Data Cloud was designed to provide a scalable and powerful platform that helps B2B marketers harness intricate analytics with ease and apply them in a way to meet their ROI goals. Through the application of machine learning and AI, the ML Data Cloud transforms the way our clients think about their marketing and sales strategies.”

”The ML Data Cloud is already helping companies across multiple verticals, accelerate revenue,”  says Sathyanath.  “It provides all the core capabilities needed to build and sustain a winning cross-channel ABM strategy.”

“As we realign the way we use data to prospect into top accounts, Sailpoint appreciates partnering with Madison Logic to apply advanced data and technology strategies to our ABM campaigns. Using the ML Data Cloud’s capabilities, we can include an unprecedented amount of data in our initiatives,” said Laura Hamilton, Vice President of Demand Generation at Sailpoint. “This allows us to make all of our ABM efforts more relevant to both sales and marketing as we use the ML Data Cloud with true business intelligence to spearhead all of our outreach.

The ML Data Cloud powers Madison Logic’s platform including its Journey Acceleration™ capabilities through advanced hyper-targeting, channel optimization, deep account-based engagement and attribution insights.

Journey Acceleration: Automatically engage prospective accounts with the most effective media and content programs to accelerate pipeline. By integrating with marketing automation and CRM platforms, marketers can target both existing opportunities and clients, leveraging multiple data sources through a unified platform to prioritize accounts based on intent, technographic, firmographic, audience, engagement, and other filters to then feed buying committees the most relevant content to keep them moving down the pipeline.

By exposing the who, what, where, and when of a buyer and customer’s journey, the ML Data Cloud enables clients to use advanced customization of content based on audiences and channels.

Enhanced account-based insights allow marketers to not only track a campaign’s progress and see who engages with what content, it enables them to discover which tactics, accounts, and content are driving the most impact on sales revenue.

About Madison Logic
Madison Logic empowers B2B marketers to convert their best accounts faster by finding and engaging with the most influential individuals throughout the buyer journey. For more information, please visit and follow @madisonlogic on Twitter.

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