Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023! Read the Wave Report
Madison Logic Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: B2B Intent Data Providers, Q2 2023!

ML Measurement

Demonstrate account engagement and pipeline impact across the three dominant media channels used by marketers today. Proprietary reporting within the ML Platform enables marketers to make informed decisions that accelerate the sales cycle for your best accounts.

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Uncover the drivers of performance with your ABM strategy


The number of sales opportunities and deals created from each ABM campaign


The average revenue value of opportunities in the sales pipeline and closed deals


The average time it takes to convert your target accounts into customers

Full-funnel intelligence you can action

Optimization Opportunities

With a rolled-up overview of your entire marketing performance data on a single page, you can easily track and measure your campaigns with greater accuracy and efficiency. This allows you to quickly identify trends, adjust strategies, and make data-driven decisions that will improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. ​

  • Leverage account-level performance data and intelligent recommendations to inform your campaign strategy
  • Benchmark campaign performance against previous time periods in order to make strategic adjustments as needed
  • Optimize your marketing spend and accelerate the sales cycle

Account engagement

Find accounts and personas with the highest engagement across channels. Then learn exactly how they move through the sales cycle.

  • Identify trending topics, personas, and firmographics for campaign targeting
  • Gain data-driven insights into account engagement through the sales cycle
  • Correlate account engagement with progression through the buyer’s journey

Cross-channel campaign performance

See how your content and messaging performs against defined business and campaign objectives.

  • Evaluate cross-channel campaign performance in a single view
  • Compare two campaigns to measure the lift across a variety of data points and KPIs
  • Get data-driven insights to optimize and align campaigns with business goals

Pipeline impact

Integrate the ML Platform with your CRM and MAP to achieve Journey Acceleration. Use funnel insights to validate account influence on opportunity volume, deal value, and sales cycle velocity.

  • Get the full story on campaign, channel, or account-specific outcomes
  • Connect ABM campaign performance with sales goals
  • Equip sales with data-driven account insights to accelerate the buyer’s journey

Measure and optimize multi-channel account engagement and performance



The ML Platform puts all of the data into one view, making it easy to spot trends and take action on high-value opportunities.

Finally – the full story of account engagement

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