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Virtual Event: ABM Targeting – Using Data to Identify and Prioritize the Right Accounts, Personas, and Content

We’re in the golden age of data.

Wide-approach marketing tactics revolve around aiming for the accounts your company thinks are a good fit. But tight budgets and limited resources require you to work more efficiently. For your campaigns to be effective, you need to know how to use your data to identify which personas to engage across your buying committee, and understand what content is most likely to convert.

In this virtual event, Johanna Shirman, Enterprise ABM Strategist at Madison Logic, and Craig Ziemkiewicz, Director of Product Marketing at Madison Logic, provide a toolkit that allows you to understand how to use first and third-party data to determine your buying committee, and what content you need to serve them throughout the funnel.

Topics for this event include:

  • Strategies on how to use all your data to prioritize your audiences.
  • Tips on personalizing content for each stage of your buyer’s journey.
  • How to leverage data to identify the full buying committee and more successfully match content to personas.

Learn how you can use data effectively across the buyer’s journey to maximize your ABM efforts by focusing on those ready to engage.

Interested in learning more? Download our 2024 Full-Funnel ABM Playbook to learn how to maximize your ABM efforts and build a more proactive approach that powers your growth.

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