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Forrester TEI Study Shows Customers Can Receive 507% ROI from Madison Logic

Madison Logic Team
September 23, 2019 White Paper

As the Director of Demand Generation at Madison Logic, I know exactly how valuable our ABM solution is to our customers. I hear it often when talking with them, and I see it when they choose to come back time and time again. We needed a way to share this information with prospects in a concrete way, so Madison Logic commissioned Forrester Consulting to develop an independent Total Economic Impact™ study that would reveal the specific results that our customers see after implementing our ABM solution. And I’m incredibly excited to say that the results are even better than I imagined! The data is incredible, and the numbers do all the talking. Read on for the key findings of the TEI study, including a three-year 507% return on investment that our satisfied customers have seen over the past 3 years – straight from the source.
A video summary of The Total Economic Impact of Madison Logic (Commissioned by Madison Logic and delivered by Forrester Consulting)

What is a TEI Study?

The July 2019 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study of the Madison Logic ABM Platform consists of interviews with four Madison Logic customers in order to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with their investment in our ABM solution. Based on these four customer interviews, Forrester created a “composite organization to illustrate the benefits and costs associated with an investment in the Madison Logic ABM platform.” The objective is to identify the cost, benefit, flexibility, risk factors that affect the decision for organizations to implement our ABM platform.

Key Stats and Takeaways

The Forrester Consulting TEI Study revealed:

  • Three-year 507% ROI
  • 3x conversion to Marketing Qualified Accounts
  • 2x sales conversion rate to closed-won
  • 66% decrease in time spent qualifying leads.

Learn more about the key results from the interviewees:

Maximize limited marketing budget to generate reliable ROI

“For me, the reliability of the performance of the content is a top benefit. I don’t have a large budget for my campaigns, so I need to make sure that the money I spend is going to generate the right kind of accounts,” one customer said. “Sales is going to believe in them and follow up with them and then it’s going to turn pipeline into closed business.”

Improve the number of marketing-qualified accounts

“Being able to identify the companies that are searching on our website and being able to identify which topics they are searching on is very helpful to our sales team,” said a media strategist at a utilities company. “Especially when they’re looking to match names to solutions they may have been researching.”

Have more informed conversations with target accounts

“Running a comprehensive demand program with digital advertising and then seeing the increase in accounts engaging on our site is a key feature of Madison Logic. We’re able to have a more personalized message and intelligent conversations with accounts, using those data signals that Madison Logic provides,” said a digital marketing manager at a B2B software company.

Improve alignment between marketing and sales

“Now we’re including salespeople as we’re reaching out to their accounts and letting them know about these campaigns we have going on. We’re letting them know the messages going out to those accounts, so they are better equipped when they’re following up,” said one interviewee.

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